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We are live at Global Comix

So we are now fully moved to GlobalComix.com, you can read the story here.

I’ve completely redrawn the first issue, adding several new pages as an intro to it. I’ve also been tweaking the dialog throughout all 3 episodes, so the newest version of the story will be on GlobalComix.

I won’t be adding any new pages to this website, instead I’ll be linking to the Negative Boy profile page instead. I’ll leave the pages I have hosted here as archives, just because I love seeing how things change over time. That will be the only place you’ll be able to see the original episode 1.

What I’d love to do is start producing ‘zines of the episodes I’ve created and offer them for sale through this website. We’ll have to see how that goes as I still need to work my day job so it’s all about having the time, and the fuel in the tank to set up ‘zines. I’ve already got the infrastructure to sell them from the website, I just need to produce the product!


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