Welcome to The Continuing Adventures of Negative Boy: True Tales From the Real World. This character was created many years ago, he’s gone through many permutations over the years beginning in the early 2000’s. He’s been a part of me ever since, although I’ve only ever written one complete story with him.

The idea for Negative Boy came to me on the many nightly drives home from a picture frame store in Newton, MA where I worked the late shift.

Telecommunication Towers with TV Antennas

The night driving down I-93 past the slow, ever blinking Needham radio tower complex was the imagery that seeded my imagination. Negative Boy sprung from those long night drives, the red towers in the distance, slowly blinking silently into the empty night. The dark road, hypnotically passing before my eyes and the seemingly infinite highway lines pulsing along in front of me. The mind wanders and tales get spun.

In his earliest incarnation Negative Boy was a voiceless angel of destruction with a demonic sword, trapped in a world that had lost all meaning. The story was big on dark, theatrical drama and more than a little self-indulgent cringe-iness.

This project re-imagines Negative Boy with a voice, and companions. Wandering the real world, learning its secrets, trying to understand why things are the way they are.