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Quick Update, Future Plans and Some New (old) Artwork

So I’ve recently discovered GlobalComix.com – there was an article in Comics Journal (I think) about their plans to launch their own app. As someone that prefers reading comics on my tablet, I was pretty intrigued. They’re looking to compete with Amazon’s Comixology and their app. What I really love about GlobalComix.com is that it’s really focused on supporting the creator community. It has built in monetization options, including marketing tools and a Jobs board for artists and writers to connect with each other.  On top of all that the site has a global reach, and lots of traffic from people interested in reading web comics.

My plan is to start publishing Negative Boy on Global Comix soon. With that in mind, I’ve been reworking episode one; adding a new prologue section, updating some of the dialogue. Also I’m toying with the idea of just publishing the story without color, or really minimal color. I really want to get these episodes out faster and the coloring is just something I don’t enjoy doing. I’d rather focus on the story itself and the inked artwork.

Ask anyone that makes comics and they will tell you its labor-intensive. If you don’t love the work, or enjoy producing it, the motivation to create will fade. I really don’t want that to happen.

Anyway, I wanted to also share some of the artwork I’ve been working on; these pages are from the reworked first episode

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