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I’m still here!

Believe it or not I’m 2 pages away from completing the b&w artwork for episode 5!

My day job has been like a see-saw lately; sometimes really busy….other times not. When things slow down I’m able to work on Negative Boy more.  So what I’m working on is finalizing the epilogue to the main story. This is page 17, I’m including the dialog with this one, because it may change in final draft.

So, after I’m done with the last bit of b&w work I’m going to jump into coloring all 20 of this episode’s pages, and getting it all up on my Global Comix page for Negativeboy.

….I’m not sure what to do for the cover, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there! This slow train is still making progress, lol!



I’m seeing the finish line! Tomorrow I start work on the background of the last splash page of episode 5. Here’s what’s on my drawing board at the moment: