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Character sketch of the group

I decided to subscribe to Clip Studio for my iPad a few weeks ago.  I already have ProCreate so I was reluctant to add yet another subscription, but honestly I’ve gotten tired of Procreate’s tools. I feel like the pen tools are just not quite right for my tastes. Yeah, Procreate is still an amazing, intuitive art program but I’m all about the line quality, and Clip Studio’s default brush set is so good, I honestly don’t thing I need anything else at this point.

One of the wonderful things about being able to use Clip Studio on my iPad, is that I can save my work to the cloud and work on it on my Wacom tablet later on if I want to. I find that option is just too wonderful for words! After I finish up the coloring on episode 5 (eight pages to go!), and I start working on episode 6; I’m going to change my workflow by doing all my roughs on my iPad and then do the finished work on my Wacom tablet. Hopefully that will make the work a bit more flexible.

This sketch I’m sharing was done 90% on my iPad, I was thinking about episode 6 when I did this. When I started it, I was just thinking of Edwin, and how his new hoodie might look, so I have hidden layers were there’s a few sketches of hoodies and different backpacks. That evolved into a “group photo” sort of sketch. I liked how it came out, I was in a very relaxed mindset early in the morning when I did this one.

I’ve become aware of how important it is for me to get into that mind space if I want to do good work. So much of comic book creation is a kind of grind. I personally get stressed out by that and forget that if I want to do good work, I have to give myself the space to be calm. That calmness is where the true power is, it’s what gives you the strength to draw for hours on end and still be able to draw well.

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